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Giulia Negri – Barologirl

I had the opportunity to meet Giulia Negri informally over dinner, and also the opportunity to try another of her Barolos, La Delizia, thanks to Corney & Barrow who are the main distributors of her wine here in the UK.

Having previously tried her Barolo La Tartufaia 2009 I was suitably impressed and immediately purchased some bottles for a friend of mine who is also an enthusiast of Barolos, and also Italian, and also for my brother in law. So on meeting Giulia, I told her that unofficially her Barolos have now reached the Asian market, Singapore to be precise!

Giula is passionate about her wine, and that came across despite her being exhausted on our meeting. Such a petite young lady, but with a passion that you cannot ignore – so passionate that I made a mental promise to myself that I really need to visit her and her vineyards in La Morra, and of course to try her other wines –  one of her latest being Pinot Nero.

Her passion extends to tradition, her approach to her wine making, the process, the selection, her straightforward nature of what constitutes the right way in producing her wines. I like her facial expression of “what other way is there?” look when quizzed.

Watch out for Giulia Negri, this Barologirl is one to watch! I read a piece on her and quote from that

… everything she touches turns into fine wine art

Read what Decanter thought of her wine.


(main picture of Giulia Negri has been taken from her website)

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