Green Cottage Chinese Restaurant

Green Cottage – Chinese Restaurant

Green Cottage chinese Restaurant

How could I forget to write about Green Cottage? Not that I have actually been into the restaurant for a meal in ages, but it is my usual Chinese Take Away restaurant which I order from rather regularly.

Green Cottage is along the Finchley Road, on New Collage Parade. It is an institution, and has been around for a very long time, I’ve known it since… well… a long time (I don’t want to give my age away that quickly!) It is the best place to get roast dishes outside of the two main Chinese restaurant areas in London, Chinatown in Soho and Bayswater. Perhaps that is why it is always so popular and packed.

It is also pretty good at Lobster noodles, but really this is the place to go for roast duck. Additionally the roast crispy pork is also very good – it can be excellent depending on who has cooked this.

Chinese restaurants are usually known broadly for their speciality in one plate meals or for their meals consisting of several dishes to be shared. Green Cottage is unusual in that it is known for both these categories.

I usually get a complete dinner takeaway from Green Cottage, the only thing I make at home is the steam white rice. So what do I order? Roast Duck, Roast Crispy Pork, a tofu dish which usually is the tofu with mushrooms, fish flavoured aubergine, and a Chinese green vegetable dish depending on what they have on the day, but usually Kai Lan (Chinese broccoli), fried with garlic. If I feel cold sometimes I order a soup – hot and sour soup, or wanton soup, or a pickled cabbage, pork & bean curd soup.

Green Cottage, definitely the place to go for my Chinese fix if I don’t want to go into the centre.


Green Cottage

9 Finchley Road,
London NW3 5EP
Tel: 020 7722 5305

Open everyday for lunch and dinner
Square Meal
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