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City Caphe – Vietnamese Cafe

Quite an unexpected find as I met a friend of mine near St Paul’s Cathedral for brunch – City Caphe a very authentic Vietnamese Cafe on Ironmonger Lane just off Cheapside.

The suggestion to go was mainly because of my fussiness due to lack of sleep, so I really was in the mood for comfort food. But what comfort food can you find near St Paul’s amidst all the tourist orientated offerings? Apparently they serve the most authentic banh mi outside Vietnam which is kind of a Vietnamese baguette.

Banh Mi
Image by Lardy Ladies, please read their blog


My eyes (linked directly to my stomach) were however looking at the beef pho. I always order this on trying a new Vietnamese restaurant as a gauge to how the food quality would be. So I ordered a beef with lemongrass banh mi for my friend and a beef pho for myself, priding myself in pronouncing pho as “fer” much to a pleasant surprise of the lady who was serving me. I think it must have carried across as my order was almost instantaneously created and given to me with a very big smile – one of the few who pronounces it the right way… many thanks to my sister for showing me this!

beef pho
Image from The Food Connoisseur, follow link to read their blog!


The food here is mainly catered for the surrounding offices, so a take way service, but you can also eat in at this Vietnamese cafe. So my pho was served in an extra large waxed paper cup, with some disposal chopsticks, a napkin, and a little re-sealable bag of bean sprouts, corriander, mint, fresh red chilli and a slice of lime.

I was definitely one happy person with my comfort food in me. The food is definitely good, and very reasonably priced as well. It seems that 11.30am was a good time to stop in as the queues soon formed, which I noted consisted not only of Asian people but Caucasians as well, all willing to wait (the queue moved fast) for their authentic Vietnamese food for lunch.

I didn’t have anything to take photos with, so all my images are from others who have been captivated by City Caphe. Please visit their websites/blogs to read their experience of City Caphe as well by clicking on the images.


Queing at City Caphe
Image from Nosh Without Dosh. Read their blog



City Caphe

17 Ironmonger Lane

Open Mon-Fri 11.30am to 4pm

Square Meal

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