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Pollen Street Social – Afternoon Tea

Pollen Street Social - Bar

Having said I would try Jason Atherton‘s other establishments after my experiences of breakfast then lunch at Berners Tavern, I had the opportunity to try out tea at Pollen Street Social by chance.

I was meeting a friend for catch up and we were struggling to find a quiet place from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. By chance my friend was walking close by Pollen Street Social, so I guided him to check it out and we ended up having coffee/tea there at their Social bar.

As I was running slightly late, it was very pleasant to rush out of the shopping crowd and into the side street where Pollen Street Social sits, into their cool exterior and collapse into their comfortable armchairs in their bar area. I had a good feeling about the place, partly due to a picture message sent by my waiting friend below, saying “you’ll be happy with the water glass”.

riedel water glass at Pollen Street Social | ytTastes | Yvanne Teo

As my friend and I were actually just after a coffee to catch up before heading off elsewhere, we were very pleasantly surprised when our very attentive waiter served us not only our macchiato, but three different petit fours to enjoy our coffee  and subsequently tea with.

Thus our quick coffee ended up being a very leisurely one!

The petit fours were quite something else! A miniature ice cream cone with a scoop of white chocolate covered kiwi sorbet, a miniature almond based “cup cake”, and a chocolate and banana ganache.  My apologies to you and Pollen Street Social for the bad descriptions but I think I was still trying to take in the pleasant surprise that was laid before us on the table and didn’t absorb the descriptions relayed by our waiter. The sorbet and the ganache stood out for me, I love the idea of the first including the presentation of it as well. The ganache… well… it was very unusual to have a strong ripe banana taste instead of the usual less ripe offerings. The blend of chocolate and banana was very more-ish!

A quick tour to the rest rooms before departing – you can see the private dining area with the glass refrigeration display of their meat which caught my attention.

Pollen Street Social Private dining

meat refrigeration display at Pollen Street Social | ytTastes | Yvanne Teo


And the lovely surprise that we had when our bill arrived? Although ordering two coffees and a tea, the charge was for two covers, so you can have theoretically limitless top ups of your coffee or your tea.

Especially in the afternoon, if you are looking for a nice quiet getaway from the shopping crowd, I can thoroughly recommend coming to Pollen Street Social, as for me last Saturday, it was a calm oasis that I needed before heading back into the crowds again.

Pollen Street Social

8/10 Pollen Street
London W1S 1NQ
020 7290 7600

Opening hours Monday – Saturday


Open all day from 11.30am – 12am
Reservations are taken for bar tables, offering full menu options

Counter seats are available on a first come, first serve basis


Lunch – 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner – 6pm – 10.30pm
Square Meal

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