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Sedap – Malaysian / Singapore Cafe

Sedap Cafe on Old Street, London

Sedap – Malay for delicious! 🙂

An unassuming cafe located on Old Street opposite St Luke’s (home of the LSO). What’s great about this place? It’s one of the places I go for some “local” food from Singapore/Malaysia. Food from this region is really a mixture between cultures of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and a little European, also known as Nonya food. And how authentic is it? Well the chef/owner used to work in a the Copthorne Kings Hotel in Singapore famous for it’s grand buffet of Nonya food from Penang. How do I know? A good friend of mine was recommended this cafe while in Singapore by the owner of the Hotel!

Sedap Interior

Sedap on Old Street is a small cafe which is another very handy “local” place to eat seeing as I spend a lot of my time in the area pursuing my hobbies of Fencing and Tai Chi. Open for lunch Mondays to Fridays and for dinner seven days a week, I believe most of my oriental friends who live close by rely on Sedap as their dining room away from home (they do take away service too, so that is an added plus for some).

What to eat there? Well for me the thought of eating at Sedap is to have what I call a one plate meal. And the first thing to try in this category is their Nasi Lemak – great all round dish, a bit of fish either as a fried mackerel or anchovies (ikan bilis), chicken curry, sliced boiled egg, pickles & vegetables, all served with rice cooked with coconut.

nasi lemak at Sedap | Yvanne Teo Singapore laksa at Sedap | Yvanne Teo

Another great one plate or bowl dish is Singapore laksa, a spicy curry noodle soup served with slices of chicken, prawns and boiled egg. It is one of the staples for a Singaporean eaten at any time, if I remember rightly even at morning break when I was in school! I’ve also included below images of their Beef Rendang and for that day their seasonal fried vegetable was Kangkong Blachan which I only recently found the English name for which is Water Spinach.

beef rendang - Sedap | Yvanne Teo kang kong blachan - Sedap | Yvanne Teo

When homesick, the other dish most would order is Hainanese Chicken Rice. This is such a simple dish yet so difficult to find somewhere that cooks this well and authentically. Having thought how to describe it, I think it sounds rather mundane and lifeless, so I will just let you decide for yourself from a picture that I managed to locate courtesy from another blog, Always Packing. I know I can eat, but in one sitting I really couldn’t manage to eat all the different dishes that Sedap offers to take pictures of for this blog!

Hainanese Chicken Rice at Sedap

and also the char kway teow, which you can also get a vegetarian version, the image I located on The London Foodie

Char Kway Teow at Sedap

All these dishes remind me of home in Singapore, so yes when I feel like some “home food”, I just make my way down to Sedap. But to really add to the homeliness… they actually serve homemade kuih (cake or dessert) which is rarely found outside South East Asia. These kuih are normally coconut based and very particular to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand. I have bought some from Sedap to take to a dinner party of Bruneians and it definitely went down well! A great taste to remind you of home!

Nonya kuih at Sedap

So I would definitely recommend that you give Sedap a try, especially if you are in the area and looking for something slightly different to eat.


102 Old Street
London EC1V 9AY
Tel: 020 7490 0200

Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm 6.00-10.30pm
Sat 6.00-10.30pm
Sun 6.00-10pm

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