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Pham Sushi

Another sushi or Japanese restuarant? Yes but with a slight twist. When recommending Pham Sushi I always say it is not quite what you would call a traditional sushi restaurant as the owners are Thai I believe, and there is a slight Thai twist in the dishes that they create.

It is always hard to find a reasonably priced restaurant in the City of London, so this one though not extremely cheap, does serve good sushi, so long as you keep in mind that it is not the traditional sushi style that they offer. I think it is always good to go in a group of four to six people so that you can try the different dishes they offer… unless of course you have a very good appetite and can consume large quantities of food!

seabass tiraditor | Pham Sushi | Yvanne Teo

Pham Sushi is in Whitecross Street very close to the Barbican. It has two branches, one being the restaurant, and the other, a more coffee shop orientated branch that also provides takeaway service. There is a Pham Special menu that I would recommend you to try dishes from, besides their main menu offerings, though look out for their special menu which may be seasonal or dependable on what fresh produce they get in. I am not sure about the availability of this menu, though if you see it, do try something from it.

One of my favourites is the sea bass tiraditor. The sourness of the lemon combined with the spicy sauce is such a good combination.  Another all time favourite is the Crunchy Tuna Roll, perhaps I should just name the dishes we ordered. 🙂

crunchy tuna | Pham Sushi | Yvanne Teo

Besides the previous two, we also ordered the Seaweed salad, Toro tartare with caviar, and how about a dish named Dancing Scallops (seared scallops on top of a shitake mushroom)?

Unfortunately as we were only two, we couldn’t quite order a lot, and so another dish had to be left aside, but really, if you can, do order the soft shell crab roll.

For practicality or perhaps it is in the way that we always order the dishes, but the restaurant serves the dishes in the order of sashimi dishes first, then cooked dishes, followed by the sushi rolls. We always order these dishes, minus the mains, first then after when we can determine if we could still eat, we would then order some noodles or a rice dish with some vegetables to finish the meal off by. Rarely do we actually order from their mains section of the menu but I have on a previous meal, tried their katsudon which is my comfort dish.  On this occasion and in honour of the hot weather, it was an opportunity to try their cold udon noodles with sauce.

toro tartare with caviar | Pham Sushi | Yvanne Teo dancing scallops | Pham Sushi | Yvanne Teo

cold udon with sauce | Pham Sushi | Yvanne Teo


Pham Sushi in terms of their food never disappoints. The service can be a bit erratic admittedly but for what it is I think  you can always find a good meal here. It is conveniently located, not on a busy road, and is ever so convenient for a “snack” after fencing training or taiji training both of which I do close by!

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