Lobster dish at Burger & Lobster Soho

Burger & Lobster Soho

bar at burger & lobster in sohoSeems like everyone has been talking about this place, Burger & Lobster, even as far as Singapore,  and all I hear is that people would queue for ages, over an hour, just to get into this place. So I had made a mental check to try this place but when I did, it wasn’t quite how I had planned to try it.

It happened when I was running an errand through Soho, I was rushing through an alley and popped out onto Dean Street just in front of Burger and Lobster Soho, it took me by surprise but I did remember registering… “So this is the famous Burger & Lobster I had heard so much about” then the next thing that occurred to me, there was no queue! I was so tempted to walk straight in, but I just about checked myself and gave myself a small lecture – finish your errand first! And if there is still no or a relatively small queue when I return then I could try the place. I wonder whether I rushed through my errand with this self imposed decision I had then just made.

So, just about an hour later when I returned and after sms’ing another friend of mine that I was about to try this place, a small queue had formed, 20 minutes was the general waiting time, but one of the staff piped up, “If you don’t mind sitting at the bar to eat there is space available now…” But of course I don’t mind!!

I had to laugh when my friend asked for the menu… the amused bar tender just pointed to the chalk board and obviously was used to this question, said “That’s it!” The chalk board was just a pie chart showing three images: a lobster, a burger, and a roll of some sort which we later found out it was a lobster roll. So a couple of burger orders were taken and some refreshing drinks, rather good drinks menu by the way, on order for our meal.

aperol spritz, veneziano at Burger & Lobster Soho Clarges Buck at Burger & Lobster Soho

So we had an Aperol Spritz/Veneziano (Aperol, Prosecco & Soda Water) and a Clarges Buck (Chivas Regal, Velvet Falernum, lemon, ginger syrup, pale ale) while we waited for these famous burgers to arrive.

And a very good burger it was too! You can’t fault what you order, they do it well – my medium rare cheese burger was most delicious! A burger for me is eaten by hand forget the knife and fork, so that I did for the meal. My friend however could argue the point as the fork and knife on that side of the bar was certainly utilised! Alright… so I relented when it came to my side salad, but eating with your hands is something very basic and enjoyable – definitely something you do with a burger in my opinion.

burger at burger & lobster soho

It was good that we didn’t order a lobster to share (which was the original intention), so that will have to be another experience which I am sure won’t take too much persuading to do. However, my fellow neighbour at the bar kindly let me take a photo of her lobster dish.

lobster at burger & lobster soho

So rolling out of Burger & Lobster, past the now extremely long queue of people trying to get a table in the restaurant, I was rather happy at my impromptu encounter and subsequent decision to try the place. I think it is a great restaurant for groups, easy to order, and you know what you are getting. That and the rather interesting drinks menu, you really can’t go wrong – the name kind of says everything they offer food wise, and they definitely do it well. I will be back, the next time to try the lobster… if I can tear myself away from the burger…

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  1. I have now tried the grilled lobster! Very nice, though this time it was at the Clerkenwell branch of Burger & Lobster. Only downside… the lobster could have been bigger!! 🙂

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