Asparagus at the Feathered Nest in the Cotswolds

Dinner at The Feathered Nest – Country Pub & Restaurant in the Cotswolds

This was an unexpected treat. On visiting family in the Cotswolds to then have a family meal at The Feathered Nest Country Inn, in the village of Nether Westcote, Oxfordshire. We were a large party of 11 people, so it would be interesting how they would accommodate us. The decor in the pub/inn is eclectic, with some saddles as bar stools, a bit of taxidermy around, a bit pub like, a bit more restaurant like, cosy and yet slightly decadent.saddles as bar stools at the Feathered Nest It was also possible to BYO, which as a large party, we did – a mixture of Rhone wines, Hermitage, Condrieu… definitely on the favourite list. And as we were shown to our table I realised that all the waiting staff were of French origin… I did have to remind myself that I was in the middle of the Cotswolds, in United Kingdom! And to stop dropping into English with a slight French intonation! With a large party it was good – sampling the different dishes should be relatively easy, and all being lovers of food… I had no problem with stopping people from starting their dishes before the obligatory photo shoot session! The dinner menu was perused with selections of Asparagus, Scallops, Duck Liver, and Wood Pigeon choices to start with, followed by Lamb, Brill, Courgette Flower, Duck Breast and Rib-Eye Steak as mains. I had the Scallops to start with which was very good and the combination with chicken wings, such an unusual combination that caught my eye and ‘persuaded’ me to try the dish. My main course, the Duck Breast was not on the main menu, but listed as one of the specials on the chalk board near the bar. I leave the images taken to let you decide which were taken a la iPhone as I was unprepared and forgot to bring my Olympus along.  And as one of the family coined the phrase/word… it is a pity that smellovision doesn’t exist, or more tastervision in this case! Here are some of the starter dishes: Asparagus with soft boiled pheasant egg, wild garlic pesto, Hollandaise sauce & watercress Asparagus: soft-boiled pheasant egg, wild garlic pesto, Hollandaise sauce & watercress duck liver Duck Liver: Champagne rhubarb, ginger nut biscuit purée, toasted real ale sourdough scallops Scallops: crispy chicken wings, pickled shimeji mushrooms, baby gem wood pigeon Wood Pigeon: homemade pastrami, coleslaw, golden sultanas, parmesan & flat bread And some of the Main dishes: brill Brill: crab, caviar & cucumber, black rice noodles, samphire & sea lettuce, butter emulsion burger A Feathered Nest Burger with onion rings & french fries duck breast Duck Breast with oriental style vegetables and a puree Lamb rump baked in hay, shoulder, tongue, rosemary peas, grelot onions, black garlic tapenade Lamb: rump baked in hay, shoulder, tongue, rosemary peas, grelot onions, black garlic tapenade courgette flower Courgette Flower: tempura, peas & broad bean agnolotti, ricotta & spinach, herb vinaigrette, pea shoots Good conversation, good food and good wine – how else could one enjoy a pleasant evening in the Cotswolds watching the sunset in the distance. Our party, being rather cheeky on the whole,  was eyeing up the ‘room with a view’ of the Evenlode Valley, and wondering why our table was not set up to profit from this magnificent view.  So with a bit of negotiation, we agreed with the waiting staff to move ourselves across into this room for our coffee and dessert. dessert Blood Orange & Fennel warm jelly, candied fennel & ice cream, mint dessert2 Totally full now, we had our last gaze at the view of the Evenlode valley from the Feathered Nest and climbed into our cars to make our way back for a night cap! Sunset view 1 at Feathered Nest blossom tree at Feathered Nest

The Feathered Nest Country Inn
Nether Westcote
Oxfordshire OX7 6SD
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1993 833030
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