Table at Andrew Edmunds

Sunday Lunch at Andrew Edmunds

I was introduced to Andrew Edmunds by a good friend as we were walking around Soho one Saturday afternoon. I think I was spoilt from the beginning as I liked the fact that there was no business card, and that we were given a menu to retrieve contact details from that was also hand written. If you were not specifically looking for the Andrew Edmunds, it can be easily missed as it has a discrete dark frontage. My first memories of the place was the wonderful smell of food when you entered the restaurant.

Lit Candle & Flowers at Andrew Edmunds

Frontage of Andrew Edmunds

On this occasion we were a large party, and were accommodated in their basement dining area (it was like a private dining room for us). I think there was a slight apprehension from my party about dining “modern English” especially after the few days of Asian cuisine. But I thought, it’s Sunday, so how about an “English” Sunday lunch?

So it’s not quite what you would consider a typical Sunday Roast meal, but in my opinion, better! And I am so glad I took a picture of the wine we ordered as I’m so very bad at remembering names.

Bottle of sociando Mallet 2002 with some bread & butter

Sociando Mallet, Haut Medoc, not apparently a good year at 2002 and it is an un-classed Bordeaux, but I was impressed, so if it is a good year for the wine, then it must be outstanding! Good choice brother-in-law! With the wines at Andrew Edmunds, they give you some staples, but if you ask the waiting staff, they will always recommend something that really goes with your meal.

Carpaccio of Octopus at Andrew Edmunds

Comforting isn’t quite the word to describe Andrew Edmunds, but yet it is as well. The food is not pretentious, there is a very high quality, I can only describe it more in the lines of – they really like their food, that is why they cook and serve it.

Cold Cuts at Andrew Edmunds

On this occasion we wanted something familiar, a bit to remind us of our school days, a bit of what we were used to, a bit of familiarity really – comfort food. So our selection of starters encompassed the need of a bit of adventure, the carpaccio of pulpo, some warmth, the soup, cold cuts of meat, as that is always a staple, and the pork with beetroot which was just chosen for the novelty 🙂

Soup at Andrew Edmunds

Pork & Beetroot at Andrew Edmunds

And the surprising mains, literally the choice was just between the steak and the Toulouse sausages! But what dishes!

Sausages with Savoy Cabbage at Andrew Edmunds

Steak at Andrew Edmunds

And the school reminder? Treacle tart! But only for those who know, Chinese in general aren’t too keen on desserts let alone hefty English ones!

Treacle Tart at Andrew Edmunds

And what did we also do while lunching? Test out the camera of course. The images were taken with my Leica V-Lux4 with the treacle tart one taken with my iPhone (not a bad camera really). The peony below was a test on the macro of the camera.

Peony at Andrew Edmunds

I look forward to many more meals at Andrew Edmunds, and hope they will bring back a particular Welsh Beef that they had served. If you want to experience cooking & eating for the love of it, this is the place to go. They do cater for vegetarians as well, and I must say, definitely properly catered for and not just “lets gather together some of our non-meat dishes”. If you are a pescetarian, I particularly remember a beautiful crab meat linguine…

Square Meal

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