First floor interior at the Modern Pantry

Brunch at the Modern Pantry

Cold, snowy & sleety… must be mad to go out to brunch with the girls and make it down to the Modern Pantry which is not in my neighbourhood. However a very quick & efficient over ground train to Farringdon gave me my usual first to arrive at the designated meeting place.

First floor Interior at the Modern Pantry

I was a little apprehensive as I was considerably early and knowing that it had been difficult to book a table at the right time I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the staff, very welcoming (perhaps helped that I looked frozen despite being totally wrapped up), and I was escorted to a very nice table on the first floor, promptly asked if I wanted anything to drink, and my caffe latte was immediately placed on order before I could disrobe myself of my rather excessive wintry attire.

Having now plenty of time to observe my fellow diners, the interior, enjoy my caffe latte, and peruse the menu, I quickly settled into finding out what on the menu could satisfy my hunger. I think breakfast is a meal where you want to eat something to satisfy and get you started on a positive note for the day – my mind wanders to a very early breakfast in Brunei where the hearts of my fellow breakfast diners fell progressively as the proud owner of the cafe showed them what she thought was a fantastic Tim Sum selection, with each new dish shown, my fellow diners repeatedly asked if the owner had anything else that resembled a croissant or just a sweet cake.

Caffe Latte with menu at the Modern Pantry

As you can see from my image above, I was eyeing up the cooked breakfasts 🙂 Though at the top corner of the menu, my eyes were drawn to one of the offerings…

A pitcher of Reviving Bloody Mary £28.00

I liked that the staff were very friendly but not in your face, always willing to help out with your queries but also knowingly not to bother you especially in my case as I was obviously still waiting for my friends to arrive.

Timing was essential, as my friends arrived, just enough time to let us settle and greet each other, exchange “gossip” and decide what to have for brunch – as it was so cold and snowy, everyone decided on a cooked breakfast. So the order was: one portion of runny scrambled eggs with bacon, tomato and mushroom; one portion of well done scrambled eggs with chorizo, tomatoes and plantain; and, one portion of sugar cured New Caledonian prawn omelette. Heaps of tea was also ordered: ginger and lemongrass, and, English breakfast! Oh, one more item, a side order of grilled haloumi.

I had better give you the link to the menu so that the more poetic names of the dishes can be discovered.

Breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato & mushroom at the Modern Pantry

Sugar cured New Caledonian Prawn Omelette at the Modern Pantry

Besides our main purpose of meeting up for brunch – a good natter,  we were also drawn to the pottery used to serve us hot water to top up our teas with.

Pottery serving hot water at Modern Pantry

All very civilized, all nattered out, and all comfortably full – we donned our wintry attire to brave the snowy day ahead. Not however without having a peek at the private dining room on the second floor, and thinking to ourselves that maybe we should organise a group breakfast… anyone interested?

I add a some contrasting images taken after which I thought looked interesting: snow bathing, palms in the snow, and it’s April but still snowing! I also keep forgetting to mention – images taken with my Leica V-Lux4 on this trip.

Statues enjoying the snowy conditions in Soho Square

Palms in the snow in Soho Square

Spring snow against the trees in Soho Square
Square Meal

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